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[the_ad id=”161″]Becoming a Lawyer is considered as one of the most sought after professions in India. The starting salary of a Lawyer usually ranges from INR 3 – 5 LPA, which gradually increases with experience and exposure. A senior Lawyer gets an average salary of INR 8.50 – 11 LPA. However, when a lawyer gets established in their profession and earns fame and recognition their salaries can go up to 1 Crore to 5 Crores annually. The salary of a Lawyer depends on the specialisation as well as the years of experienced that they have gained. The average starting salary of a Criminal Lawyer in India ranges from INR 2.5 L and can go up to as much as INR 67 LPA. On the other hand the highest salary of a Civil Lawyer in India ranges from INR 47 – 60 LPA.  In order to become a Lawyer, aspiring candidates can pursue Undergraduate or Postgraduate Law Courses from any of the top Law Colleges across the country. Entrance to these colleges are usually done on the basis of Law Entrance Exams such as CLAT, AILET, LSAT etc.


What do Lawyers do

There are a list of activities that a Lawyer is incharge of. Some of the major responsibilities of a Lawyer are listed below for your reference,

  • A Lawyer provides legal advice and guidance to their clients
  • Lawyers write contracts and read witness statements
  • Lawyers are also incharge of updating themselves with the recent developments in the lagal scenario
  • Lawyers are responsible for representing clients in trails and attending court hearings
  • Lawyers are in charge of collating evidences and researching case studies

Salary of a Lawyer

After successfully completing any of the above mentioned courses, the average salary of a Lawyer usually ranges from INR 3 – 5 LPA. This amount however changes with gradual experience, knowledge and exposure.

Average Annual Salary

Tabulated below is the average starting salary of a Lawyers across various courts in the country,

Courts Average Annual Salary (INR)
Supreme Court 5.42 L
High Court 3 L
District Court 3.50 L
Session Court 3.10 L

Experience Wise Salary

The salary of a Lawyer also depends on the years of experience that s/he has gained. Tabulated below are the salaries for your reference,

Experience Average Annual Salary (INR)
Entry Level 2.20 L
Mid Level 10 L
Senior Level 30 L

Specialization Wise Salary

The various salaries bars for a Lawyer across different specializations are tabulated below for your reference,

Specialization Average Annual Salary (INR)
Criminal Lawyers 2.5 L
Civil Lawyers 2 L
Corporate Lawyers 7.06 L
Cyber Lawyers 15 L

City Wise Salary

The average salary of a Lawyer across various cities in India are tabulated below,

Name of the City Average Annual Salary (INR)
Kolkata 2.45 L
Delhi 5.58 L
Mumbai 6.22 L
Bangalore 10.95 L
Pune 2.11 L

Skills Required to Become a Lawyer

The list of skills that are essential to become a Lawyer are tabulated below for your reference,

Fluent Verbal Communication Superior Writing Skills Logical and Analytical Rationale
Extensive Legal Research Coherent Client Service Well Versed in Technology

Lawyer Salary Guide – Jobs in the US

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In 2018, it is expected that there will be a steady increase in demand for legal professionals who are experienced in high growth specialty areas. One of the trends showing in a lawyer salary guide is to increase salary offers to recruit top-tier candidates and thereby improve retention rates. Employers see the link between compensation and performance, so lawyers with higher salaries are expected to produce more billable hours. Many law firms and legal departments take the usual route of hiring tenured associates. However, there are some who hire lawyers with about two or three years of experience, then train them in preparation for more responsibilities in the future. Legal professionals with experience in high-growth practice areas such as litigation, business or commercial law, real estate, compliance, and healthcare usually see competitive salaries and multiple job offers. Aside from annual compensation, the lawyer salary guide shows that lawyers can receive benefits such as a signing bonus that can reach $27,000 on average. Reimbursement of expenses for relocation or moving from one market to another is also offered. Non-traditional benefits include pet insurance, emergency childcare or daycare, and loan access.


How much does a Corporate Lawyer make in the United States? The average Corporate Lawyer salary in the United States is $105,435 as of February 25, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $93,915 and $117,589. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including Download

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